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Welcome to Harmonic

The People & Culture tool you've been missing

A fun and playful way to discover your team members.

When people feel connected, business thrives. Our unique approach creates a vibrant and engaging work environment where collaboration soars and team dynamics strengthen. By embracing a culture of play and discovery, we empower your team to reach new heights.

How does it work?

Our approach is super simple.

Your employees create virtual guidebooks to their share workstyle, interests and values. It's a holistic approach to truly understanding your people. From there, the whole team can unearth insights about each other that spark meaningful connection and team belonging.

We also have a suite of savvy manager features to help you get your team aligned and engaged.

So, what's a Guidebook?

It's a collection of insights about an employee's preferred way of working and who they are as a person.

Guidebooks are a great way to get a run-down on the people you're working with so you can work with them from a more human perspective.

  • Includes 15 workstyle insight areas
  • Scenario-based examples
  • Interests and values

Why use Harmonic?

A human-centric approach to building cohesive teams

Build connection in remote teams

Immerse your teams in a new way of working. Our tools spark meaningful connection between coworkers, no matter the distance. Strengthen collaboration and reduce isolation in distributed teams.

Improve relational intelligence

The most successful teams aren't just a collection of talented individuals; they understand how to work together. Our insights deliver personalised tips to build trust and embrace candid conversations at work.

Welcome new hires, real fast

Transform new hires into instant team members. Our Guidebooks ensure new hires feel connected from day 1. Also super handy for new managers to rapidly understand their new team - from a human perspective.

People focused, outcome driven.

Ready to build a team that's not just good, but truly exceptional?

Our platform isn't just about fixing problems of disconnection and disengagement, it's about unlocking the full potential that's within your team. By fostering understanding, trust and open communication, we help you build a culture where everyone feels valued, empowered and excited to contribute their best.

6 spots available

We're launching in July and have 6 spots available to organisations who want to try us early - for free.

Here are a few perks for our early users:

  • Free lifetime subscription (never, ever pay)
  • A dedicated Success Manager
  • Join our exclusive Slack community
  • Help to shape the future of Harmonic
  • Invite to the official launch party (late 2024)

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